Events in Bayonne

Not to be missed: the Bayonne Festivals

Dating back to 1932, the Bayonne Festivals have stood the test of time, and today have become a veritable institution. A blend of music and tradition, these festivities bring together thousands of people from the Basque country and beyond. Traditional cow races and red and white outfits are an integral part of the folklore of these typical festivals. For the record, the white outfit with a red scarf was adopted in the early 1990s to create a recognisable gathering dress code. The 5 days of festivities are an opportunity for the people of Bayonne, and others, to get together and celebrate around the bandas and bullfights.

The Bayonne Arena hosts bullfights all year round, as well as a wide range of events including concerts by world-famous artists.

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Other events in Bayonne :
the Ham and Christmas Fair

But events in Bayonne are not limited to the famous Fêtes, and the magic of Christmas also plays a major role during the month of December. The heart of Bayonne is alive with festivities, including the release of lanterns that light up the Bayonne sky. These lanterns are also biodegradable. These lanterns bring the magic of Christmas to the eyes of young and old alike.
Bayonne Ham is undoubtedly the best-known product in the Basque Country, and it's bound to have its own fair too. The Bayonne Ham Fair has been a highlight of the town's calendar over the Easter weekend for almost 600 years...

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