Basque gastronomy

A rich, gourmet region

The Basque Country is a region renowned for its culinary specialities. A part of France where authenticity predominates, the Basque Country is rich in culinary delights. Many specialities originate here, piperade and poulet basquaise being the best known.
Other Basque specialities include, of course, Ossau Iraty, a typical cheese made from sheep's milk, and Basque cake, which is as generous and delicious as Basque people come.

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Bayonne specialities

A staple on every French table, Bayonne Ham is probably the best-known Bayonne speciality in the whole of the Basque Country. Another Bayonne speciality is chocolate. Its history is closely linked to the town, dating back to the 17th century when Jewish immigrants set up the first cocoa-processing factories.

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